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Whole Beans or Ground? A Short Explanation

When you order one of our coffees, you can see that you have the choice between whole beans (the roasted beans, untouched, so you can grind them at home) or different grind sizes, most notably:

  • Ground - Filter Coffee (a classic drip coffee machine, or a classic pourover): the go to grind size for all classic pourovers (be it manual or with a home drip machine)
  • Ground - Espresso (Manual Espresso machine): espresso coffee needs to be finely ground, as it needs to build up pressure for that perfect shot.
  • Ground - Moka Pot (also referred to  as "Stovepot" or "Bialetti"): more or less the same grind size as espresso, but we add it as an extra, asthe moka pot is not suited for every blend or origin - it tends to work better with blends that are lower in acidity.
  • Ground - French Press (also known as "Plunger"): coffee for French Press needs to be ground very coarsely, as not to have too many particles floating around in your coffee.

So, does grind size make a difference? It makes all the difference.

In case you hadn't noticed, frind size (how fine or course your coffee has been ground) defines how quickly the water can run through the coffee bed. And that speed will define the extraction, ie: wether your coffee will taste as it should taste - enough body, the right aroma and no bitterness where there should be none. 

At Apex Coffee Distributors, we use an industry-grade burr grinder, with 14 different grind sizes, so we can grind our coffees relatively accurate for your own use. Coffee is - however -always best when ground right before consumption (and with the right grind size ;) )

Next to grind size, want to learn how to optimally brew your cup? Above, we've also included links per method to our Brewing Guides! Do check them out!

Happy Brewing!