Baratza - Sette 270Wi
Baratza - Sette 270Wi
Baratza - Sette 270Wi

Baratza - Sette 270Wi

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Baratza Sette 270Wi

Sette 270Wi is the latest grinder in Baratza range. A top-notch precision grinder for home use, offering exceptionally accurate grind settings not only for espresso brewing but also for a variety of different hand brewing methods. Compared to its predecessor (Sette 270W), the new Sette 270Wi features: - The "i" in 270Wi stands for intelligence - the grinder now quickly calculates and predicts the stop point when you change your grind setting, beans, or dose weight. This eliminates the need to adjust the offset. - It maximizes its built-in Acaia high precision scale by filtering unpredicted vibrations that could affect dosing accuracy, such as door closures, footsteps, unsteady surfaces. - A "quick burst" feature allows you to add small increments of coffee to your final dose after the grinder has stopped. - In the event of a software update, it can be installed wirelessly via the integrated Bluetooth using Apple phone or tablet.

Technical Details

Burrs: Ø 40 mm, steel, conical
Grind setting: 30 macro + stepless micro adjust with 9 indicators
Speed to grind: 3,5 – 5,5 g/s
Hopper capacity: 300-400 g
Grounds bin capacity: 160 g
Weight: 3,2 kg
Dimensions: 13/40/24 (cm)