King of Mount Kenya: Red Fruits Coffee Combo
Aberdare National Park - Kenya (Wikimedia CC)

King of Mount Kenya: Red Fruits Coffee Combo

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Kenya is back baby!

The ships are moving in, the harvest is succulent as ever, and the Brussels' roasters are ready as ever to let you have a sip.

We present you with 2 pearls: one from Mok Micro-Roastery and one from Belga & Co Coffee, each from a different area, but all on the slopes of the Aberdare National park: a bit to the west of Mount Kenya, but we needed a catchy title ;)

Mok presents you with a mix of Batian, SL-34 and SL-28 from the Kiambu region - washed in the Githembe region, while Belga is representing the neighbouring Nyeri region to the north with the Chalem PB, a washed Peaberry (single bean per coffee cherry instead of the usual two) coffee.

Notes for the Githembe: Red berry, Rhubarb and Rosehip.
Notes for the Chalem: Oranges and tropical fruits.

Feast those tastebuds!

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