Mok Specialty Coffee Roastery - Brazil, Fazenda Sertão
Mok - Brazil, Fazenda Sertao, Espresso

Mok Specialty Coffee Roastery - Brazil, Fazenda Sertão

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Fazenda Sertão is located above 1,000m, in Carmo de Minas – state of Minas Gerais. It has an average annual temperature of 18ºC.

Crops are planted on the top of hillsides with slopes of up to 50%. That’s an important measure to avoid frosts, common in the region on winter, affecting the health of the trees and to provide a more uniform ripening as well as protection against fungi infections because of the lower relative humidity.

All these steps, in the end, result in achieving better final quality on the beans. ‘Pulped natural’ is a similar method to ‘honey process’ - where instead of removing different proportions of the mucilage, here only the skin is removed, leaving all the mucilage. The coffee is then moved to a drying surface where it ferments as it drys.

Pulped naturals were originally developed in Brazil in order to speed the drying process, as the ‘Natural’ process took longer. It was discovered that the process gave the final cup all the body & sweetness of a natural coffee and the clarity of a washed.