Mok - CO2 Decaf, Honduras and Ethiopia

Mok - CO2 Decaf, Honduras and Ethiopia

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The Humble Deca(f)!

Sheer necessity for some, object of scorn for others. Undeserved, we say, undeserved! Decaf needs a good decafeination process (check: sparkling water / CO2) and of course the able hands of a great roaster (double check: Mok).
So without further ado, feast your tastebuds on this blend of Ethiopia and Hunduras: A blend of two washed coffees from respectively the Limu region and the Corquin region of Honduras.
This omni roast is suitable for both Filter and Espresso, expect a bright, sweet and juicy coffee with a rich chocolatey body.

- And remember:  for every coffee you drink - trough Your Coffee Counts - we invest in financing, research and education for coffee farmers worldwide.

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