MOK Kenya Ihara AA


Prepare to sit back, relax, and enjoy this delicious buttery coffee. As you enjoy the flavors of lemon curd and blackcurrent, this coffee will warm and renew your soul. Roasted by MOK Micro-Roastery's and obtained from coffee trader Falcon Coffee, the Kenya Ihara AA is a must for all levels of coffee lovers.

Located in Kenya, the Ihara Factory can be found in the Mwirua village about 1,540 meters above sea level. Over 40 years old, the factory was built in 1970 and maintains five acres of land. The entire business is run by one factor manager and five permanent staff members. Casual workers are hired during the peak season to handle business operations. 

Currently, the Ihara Factory is part of the Mwirua Cooperative Society alongside the Kiriaini, Mitondo, Gatuya, Gathambi, Kiaragana, Kiambwe, Rwamuthambi and Riakiania factories, and Ihara is ranked third in the group for quality of coffee production.

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Photo Credit: Falcon Coffee