Moka Pot Madness: BXL Coffee Combo

Moka Pot Madness: BXL Coffee Combo

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Your Beloved Stovetop/Moka Pot; Now on a higher level thanks to our 4 Exquisite blends and single origins, carefully selected to make the most of your Moka Pot-experience.

The one and only Labeur, a winner in every Moka Pot, our very Apex Coffee Chocolate Spirit and to top it of a Guatemala by Belga & Co and a Colombia by Mok Micro-Roastery, preferably in that order. Prepare to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, on the rythm of the Brussels Lockdown Spring.

- And remember:  for every coffee you drink - trough Your Coffee Counts - we invest in financing, research and education for coffee farmers worldwide.

For more info on the differences in grind sizes, click here.