OR Coffee - Colombia, Tolima Rio

OR Coffee - Colombia, Tolima Rio

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Washed caturra and castillo from the deep south. Think oranges, almon and marzipan.

About the coffee

This Colombia comes from Tolima Rio region and is a Caturra and Castillo variety. This coffee comes from the Asobris association. It’s an association of small coffee producers from 25 villages of the municipality from Planadas. This region is in the deep south of Tolima, where they are located on the foothills of Nevado del Huila’s snowy peak, with the right altitude (between 1550 and 2200 masl), the best volcanic soil, crystalline water supply and a unique microclimate the whole year around. The association started out of frustration from receiving such low prices from the cooperative and coffee traders. They work hard to deliver very high quality coffee and it shows!

This specific coffee is from the Brisas del Quebradón village and is grown sustainably. The fermentation process is washed.

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