Or - Hutwe Virunga National Park


When talking about African coffees, the mind naturally travels to the delights from Ethiopia and Kenya that we know and love, or to the "new" contenders of Burundi and Ruanda.

Congo has been a different story. Though the country harbours perfect natural conditions for great coffee, the social-political situation of the past decades does not make for consistently good growing - and exporting -conditions. That's why we feel blessed by the one that the girls and guys of Or Coffee have provided us with. Not only because it's a rich and vibrant coffee, but because it is the result of the team's years of experience and contacts in the region. 

Direct Trade does not get better than this!

This coffee was washed in the Hutwe washing station, Virunga National Park, in Congo's North Kivu Region. The coffee is sourced  from the neighbouring small family-owned farms at about 1800m altitude.

Taste notes can be described as: ripe yellow stonefruit, rhubarb, smooth wit ah red apple acidity. A bright, light coffee that will boost your summer!

Need to see it to believe it? The Belgian NGO Vredeseilanden/VECO supports the Hutwe Washing Stations and made more than watchworthy video about the how and the why. A must see.