Way - Guatemala, La Bolsa

Way - Guatemala, La Bolsa

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This new Guatemala from Way does one thing really well: celebrating international recognition with its signature profile: chocolate, nuts and long-lasting citruses.

About the coffee

This coffee is produced in La Bolsa, a 108-hectare farm located in the heart of the Huehuetenango region. An exceptional coffee grown on the calcareous soil of La Libertad at 1,600 meters above sea level with ideal atmospheric conditions. Its singular aromatic complexity is internationally recognized, with a chocolate profile and its citruses long-lasting, real signature of this coffee.

This coffee is called Encuentros because it comes from an isolated plot that is in transition to organic agriculture.This plot is located where all the other plots of the farm meet, in a central square, hence its name Encuentros which means Meetings. Already driven by a strong societal conscience, Renardo has developed numerous projects aimed at improving the living and working conditions of its employees: creation of a daycare center for the children of workers, balanced meals or even higher remuneration. than in most other farms in the country ... people are at the heart of the producer's concerns. In addition to his social involvement, Renardo is now embarking on organic farming and this coffee is proof of this because it comes from a plot that is in transition.

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