Way - Indonesia, Radiophare

Way - Indonesia, Radiophare

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The next generation from Java! Think pineapple, mango, passion fruit, turron, honey, caramel and chocolate.

About the coop

Klasik Beans is a cooperative founded in 2008 by a group of producers in Puntang on the island of Java. This small cooperative shares a similar philosophy to Belco in terms of quality and respect for people and the environment. The cooperative has set itself the objective of helping to preserve Indonesia’s cultural heritage through the creation of organic, sustainable, fair trade coffees. Production must comply with good agricultural practices (nowadays almost 100% organic and fully shade-grown).

The Klasik Beans cooperative has been working since 2009 with nearly 200 producers in the region to develop these terroir coffees with their distinctive characteristics. The plantations extend between high-altitude forests and rice fields over the Guntur, Halimu Tilu and Puntang volcanoes. At each harvest, the cherries are picked manually and taken to one of the cooperative’s 3 cherry processing sites (Pacet, Ciwidey or Garut) to ensure constant quality from coffee bean to cup.

With every coffee you drink - through Your Coffee Counts - we invest in financing, research and education for coffee farmers worldwide.

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