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Way - Nicaragua, Finca Buenos Aires

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The Valladárez brothers have been producing coffee since 1960, beginning with a small lot which they received from their grandmother as an inheritance. They began farming at a time when access to the local mill or even the local town was particularly difficult, with all goods coming in and out of the farm having to be transported by horseback. Today they own three coffee farms in Nicaragua; Finca Miraflor, Finca San Salvador and Finca Buenos Aires. All three farms are designed to meet this vision: bringing together all aspects of the coffee producing chain together so that everyone benefits. The family is highly focused on ensuring that the economic, social and environmental benefits of the farms are shared by the local community and each part of the coffee production cycle, understanding that this ensures a long term and sustainable business model.

With every coffee you drink - through Your Coffee Counts - we invest in financing, research and education for coffee farmers worldwide.

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As for the info from Way Specialty Coffee Roasters:

Nicaragua - Buenos Aires

Floral with notes of mango, pineapple and honey

Process: Natural
Varietal: Yellow catuai
Region: Dipilto Mountains
Producer: Olman Valladárez