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Wide Awake - Costa Rica, All I Want for XMAS (Eduardo Duran)

Wide Awake - Costa Rica, All I Want For XMAS

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It's XMAS, Go Mental.

Wide Awake Presents you with Maria's Favorite. from Eduardo Duran in West Valley, Costa Rica. A Black Honey H3 varietal that just tastes like da bomb - Expect heavy candied cherry, caramelized pineapple and strawberry notes.

The Duran family farm is located in the village of Sarchí in the West Valley. Eduardo works the farm with his three sons. The farm consists of different plots of land, each between two and three hectares. The lot sourced is from their El Roble parcel that ranges from 1300 meters to up to 1650 meters and grows different varieties such as Catuaí, Caturra and H3. Over the past year, Eduardo has built a micromill on site and installed a traditional depulper. These ‘old school’ depulpers remove much less mucilage while depulping, allowing him to process some lots as Black Honeys and create very unique, complex cup profiles.

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