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Wide Awake - Timor-Leste, Easy Rider

Wide Awake - Timor-Leste, Easy Rider

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Wide Awake's first Asian coffee. Think rosehip, plums and cocoa.

From the roaster

For our first coffee release from Asia, we turned to our partner Raw Material - a social enterprise that reinvests all profits back in the communities they work with. Raw Material has been active in Timor-Leste, a neighboring country of Indonesia, for a number of years. Coffee is Timor-Leste’s most important crop with 37% of households depending on it for part of their income. However up to recently, most production was sold in the commodity market resulting in low and volatile prices for farmers. Together with the local community, Raw Material built a wet mill in Atsabe to sustainably improve coffee processing, and hence quality and pricing.

With every coffee you drink - through Your Coffee Counts - we invest in financing, research and education for coffee farmers worldwide.

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