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The Gateway: 4 Coffees Introduction Combo
The Gateway: 4 Coffees Combo
The Gateway: 4 Coffees Combo
The Gateway: 4 Coffees Combo
Apex Coffee - Jungle Blend

The Gateway: 4 Coffees Combo

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The combo contains 4 coffees: our Labeur blend, our Apex Chocolate Spirit Blend, our Apex Jungle Blend and our Apex BXL Blend. A Perfect Gateway to specialty coffee and to the different ranges of aroma’s in specialty coffee.

That was the short of it, now for the long of it:
First of all, Coffee is - potentially - an aromatically rich product, with a diversity that goes above and beyond other know aroma-bombs like wine. Everything depends on the "terroir", the intrinsic qualities of the coffee (no defaults) the roast - and yourself.

If you're new to it all, start with Labeur: while no specialty coffee, it has been carefully selected to show you how great "normal" coffee can be. While it's close enough to the coffee you know, it's different enough to make you see how great coffee that has been properly roasted and selected can be. A nice, accessible, nutty, chocolatey aroma that will launch you into your day with a smile.

Ready for the next step? Our "Chocolate Spirit" is a Specialty Coffee, and the logical aroma-stop after Labeur: the same great nutty taste, but with a more developed - broader - complexity.

The Jungle Blend and the BXL blend are the fork in the road. Both are broader and more complex than the Chocolate Spirit but take a different road, and show you how said terroir can define your cup. The BXL Blend is what they call "brighter", while the Jungle blend is mellow, more on the sugary sweet side. It'll give you a good idea of where you want to go next in coffee - or where you want to stay.

More specifically, the BXL Blend combines the mellow sturdiness of the brazilian beans with the exuberant florality of great Ethiopian coffee - something that will be clear upon opening the pack. A balanced but vibrant cup!
The Jungle Blend builds on the balanced sweetness, like caramel or cane sugar, of certain central-american coffees.

These 4 coffees are the ones we recommend you to start your journey into specialty coffee. There's a major chance that one of these 4 may well be your coffee for life, and if you want more adventure, delve deeper into the "single origins" of our partner roasters: tell us what you like and we'll propose the right coffee for you!

With every coffee you drink - trough Your Coffee Counts - we invest in financing, research and education for coffee farmers worldwide.

For more info on the differences in grind sizes, click here.